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Cozy Faux

Producer Silver Spoon


bizbash-072808.jpgCheck out the blankets on the chairs -- yes, those are Cozy Fur Specialties!

This year, producer Silver Spoon is keeping the guest count at its DKNY Jeans-sponsored beach house events small, limiting the number to 40 a pop. At last Friday’s  open house for journalists—presented by Korean beauty line the Face Shop—many media folk were free to hang poolside and explore the interior of the estate, which Silver Spoon completely took over, bringing in everything from the artwork on the walls to the toiletries that stocked the bathrooms.

The intimate guest counts come after the Malibu City Council passed an ordinance in April that prohibits companies or local residents from hosting more than four events with more than 100 guests per year—a response to the many complaints from local residents about the paparazzi swarm and sometimes disorderly guest conduct generated by the handful of corporate-sponsored beach houses that dotted the Malibu shoreline last year.

For Silver Spoon, which will host nine events at the DKNY beach house this year, and open the house to select celebrities interested in holding private events there, the 40-person cap allows them to sidestep the four-event limit while still abiding by city laws. The company also chose a property located on a cul-de-sac on a cliffside, away from easily accessible public shores that photographers frequented last year. Guests who want to visit the nearby beach can get there via golf cart.    —Rosalba Curiel